Things You Should Do After An Uber Car Accident


Being injured in a uber car accident is a physiologically and psychologically jolting experience, especially when you entrusted your protection and safety to Uber to get you from the pickup location to the drop-off destination and got hurt while it was not your fault. Even though your adrenaline runs all the time after an Uber accident, there are several things you need to keep in mind, especially contacting an Uber accident lawyer in Jersey City

Things you should do after an Uber car accident

  • If the car is in an unsafe location, get it in a position of safety.

If you are the driver of the car, apply the brakes. If the vehicle has suffered functional damage due to the accident, or you are in a line of traffic, attempt to pull the car out of the way of traffic so that no other accident occurs. Activate the hazard light of the car and use other emergency tools you have. Your main concern is your and your passenger’s safety.

  • Call for an ambulance or medical assistance if you or someone is hurt.

If you are an Uber passenger, check on your driver to see whether they have suffered an injury. Vice-versa, if you are an Uber driver, check if your passenger is hurt after the accident. If someone is injured, call 911 immediately for medical assistance. Even if someone is not injured, call for responding police personnel to document the facts of the Uber accident to make an injury claim with the insurance company. 

  • Call the police

A police report is proof of your personal injury case. Your attorney will ask for copies of the report to determine if there were any witnesses, pedestrians, or other vehicles at the accident scene. 

  • Collect electronic data/evidence if you are not injured.

Whether you are a driver or passenger, screenshot the information in the app interface regarding the ride. Take a screenshot if you had a passenger in your car. It is important to show that you had a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident. If you are a passenger, take photographs of the car involved in the accident and the intersection of the road where the accident occurred. 

  • Collect physical evidence

Collect the name, phone numbers, driver’s license information, address, insurance information, etc., of the drivers involved in the accident. Similarly, get the information of the passenger involved in the car to serve as a witness in the lawsuit. 

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