Why is Odometer Tampering Considered a Federal Crime? 


Cars with less mileage usually sell for a higher cost on the used cars market. But tampering with an odometer or altering it to reduce the displayed mileage is considered a federal criminal offense. Many people have become victims of Odometer Tampering over the years and seek legal assistance.

Around millions of vehicles are said to be sold each year in different countries with improper odometer readings. You can read this guide to learn about odometer tampering and the different laws that are related to odometers.

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Federal Odometer Fraud Laws

Due to the increase in odometer fraud and tampering cases, the federal government made odometer tampering a criminal offense. Under certain laws, the following things are considered to be a crime:

  • Advertising for sale, use, install, or have installed a device that will make the odometer of a vehicle register a mileage different from the mileage of the vehicle that was driven. It includes the registration by the odometer under the designed tolerance of the odometer manufacturer.  
  • To change, reset, or disconnect a vehicle’s odometer with the intent of changing the mileage as registered by the odometer. 
  • To operate a vehicle on a street or highway with the intention of defrauding if the individual knows that the vehicle is not connected or operating. 
  • Conspiring to violate the foregoing provisions.

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What Are the Points You Need to Check before Purchasing a Vehicle?

Before you look to purchase a vehicle, you need to check for signs that can help you avoid odometer tampering. It is important that you receive a damage disclosure statement, NC, if there has been damage to your purchased vehicle. Some essential points you must look for are as follows:

  • You need to watch for scratches, marks, dents, or loose screws in the dashboard. If there are signs of manipulation, it indicates that the odometer has been tampered with. In terms of mechanical odometers, you need to check the alignment of digits carefully. 
  • You can opt for a test drive with the car to make sure that the speedometer is close to the road’s speed values. You also need to search for service stickers inside the doors of the car or under the hood. 
  • You can get confirmation of the car’s actual mileage if any of the above are present; fraud dealers avoid giving a damage disclosure statement, NC, and remove the stickers to ensure the fake mileage. But there is a chance they overlook one of them revealing their intentions. 
  • You can also ask for the owner’s manual to check the maintenance records of the used car. You need to check out the mileage information or pages where mileage needs to be registered for red flags. 
  • You can check with your dealer to see if they have run a computer warranty check on the used vehicle. Certain softwares can verify the mileage records and also includes insights on potential changes. 

Bottom Line 

If you have purchased a car and feel that you are a victim of odometer tampering, you need to contact a reputed attorney in your area. They can help guide you in getting a refund or replacing the car where the odometer has been changed to trick you.

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