Injured in a car accident in Los Angeles: Things to know


Thousands of car crashes and accidents in Los Angeles every year. The numbers are worrisome, even though people are talking more about on-road safety. We hope that you are taking adequate care, but if you ever get injured in such a mishap, knowing the key state laws of California, and talking to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer will come in handy. We have a few pointers below that will help you navigate the situation better.

Filing a car accident lawsuit

The first step in recovering compensation is not about filing a car accident lawsuit. You must first file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. There will be an investigation, after which you will negotiate with the claims adjuster for the settlement. If there is no agreement on the final compensation or your claim is denied, you can file a car accident lawsuit.

Deadline for car accident lawsuits

As per the statute of limitations, you have two years in California to file a car accident lawsuit following the mishap. The count starts from the accident date, and if you miss the deadline, the court will dismiss the case. The same time cap remains in place if someone was killed in a car accident, but the count starts from the date of death, which could be a later date. For lawsuits involving property damage, the deadline is three years.

The “pure comparative negligence” rule

You believe that the other driver was negligent, but at the same time, there is evidence that you were driving slightly over the speed limit. When two parties share the blame for a car accident, the “pure comparative negligence” rule is used in California. You can sue the other party, regardless of your fault share, but at the same time, your fault will determine what percentage of your given compensation you finally get as your settlement.

Get a car accident lawyer

While there is no law that states that you have to hire a car accident lawyer to file a lawsuit, you should consider the decision without delay. Lawyers know what it takes to investigate auto accidents and have the resources to gather evidence and details. At the same time, they charge a contingency fee, which means you don’t have to worry about paying the lawyer immediately.

Just make sure you hire an attorney with credible experience handling auto accident lawsuits and claims.

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