What is Wrongful Death?


When a person dies because of the deliberate, careless, or negligent act of another person or company, it is considered to be negligent death. In most cases where an individual dies due to negligence and not a natural cause, the family can file for wrongful death compensation. 

Negligence can occur on any property that is owned by an individual or company, including their home, business premises, and vehicles. If the death that occurred was due to negligence by another individual, this could be grounds for filing a wrongful death suit to receive financial compensation. A Wrongful Death Attorney can help you understand the process, as well as potentially help you receive compensation if you and your family have been negatively affected by this type of incident. 

What is the Role of Attorneys in Wrongful Death Claims?

  • Investigating your case

Your attorney will investigate the death of your loved one, in order to determine whether it was caused by another individual. Since there is a variety of legal reasons why a person may file for wrongful death cases, it’s important to ask your attorney to explain every potential scenario. In addition, they can help you understand what type of compensation you’re eligible for in these cases.

  • Calculating your damages

Your wrongful death attorney will work with experienced professionals in order to help you understand how your loved one’s death has impacted you and your family. They will conduct a thorough investigation of all aspects of this case, including medical bills, funeral expenses, and other bills that may need to be paid by insurance.

  • Handling your claim documents

Once your attorney has completed their investigation and legal work, they will draft a comprehensive claim in order to expand the potential compensation you may be entitled to. Your attorney can help you understand every aspect of this process. They will also make sure that you’re treated fairly throughout your claim. After they’re finished handling the claim, they’ll handle any ongoing litigation, if necessary.

  • Negotiating your settlement

With their experience in the field, your wrongful death attorney can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. After reviewing the claim documents, they will begin drafting a settlement agreement for your case. Your attorney will negotiate with the defenders to ensure that you get a deserving settlement for what has happened.

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