Who Will Pay For The Insurance If You Are Injured In A Borrowed Car?


When you borrow your friend’s or family member’s car, the last thing you think of is getting into an accident. But what will you do if it happens? Whose insurance company will pay your compensation? 

You can discuss your case with a car accident lawyer in Kent who will help you file a claim if you are injured in another person’s vehicle. If you have suffered from an extensive injury, you should contact multiple sources of insurance.

Who will pay for the insurance?

People have a misconception about whether the insurance company follows the car or the driver. However, the coverage depends upon the insurance claim type, especially in no-fault states. 

  • Property damage

If you were driving a borrowed car and you suffered damages caused by another driver’s negligence. In such a situation, the costs of repairing will be covered by the other person’s insurance company. If you are the reason for the accident, then the owner of the borrowed vehicle would apply for property-liability insurance. When someone files a property damage claim, the insurance company follows the car and not the person.

  • Personal injury

The PIP (Personal Injury Protection) under your insurance policy follows you. It means that you are covered for driving a borrowed vehicle. The PIP coverage applies to every eligible member, often your childhood.

Can I file a claim being the driver of a borrowed vehicle?

When driving a borrowed vehicle and getting involved in an accident, you can also file an injury claim under your PIP policy.

When the damages you suffered exceed the limits, the PIP insurance can have additional recovery options. 

  1. Filing the third party claim with personal injury liability insurance of the at-fault driver.
  2. Filing the claim with PIP insurance through the owner of the vehicle.
  3. Filing the uninsured motorist claim against the borrowed vehicle policy

If you were involved as a passenger of the borrowed vehicle, you could easily prepare a claim mentioning the bodily injury liability insurance of the responsible driver. If the at-fault driver caused the accident and borrowed a car while driving, you can still file a claim with the vehicle owner via body injury liability insurance. 

Insurance companies tend to deny or devalue your claims, even if it is valid. This is why a knowledgeable attorney is required.

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