Can You Designate More Than One Executor For Your Will?


Writing a perfectly drafted will can be a challenging task, but what is more challenging is finding a trustworthy person to appoint as the executor. While some people struggle to find even one good executor, others want to appoint more than one in case something goes wrong with the first one. This raises the question of whether one is allowed to have more than one executor. 

If you do not want to burden one person with all responsibility or hurt someone’s feelings, you may want to pick multiple executors. The good news is that you are legally allowed to pick more than one person. However, whether it would be a good idea or not is another big question. You can get the best advice from a probate attorney

What are the main jobs of an executor?

When you write a Will, one of the most important elements is the executor because they are designated with a lot of responsibilities. This is why it is recommended to pick someone you trust and one who has the quality to handle big and complex tasks. 

Here are some of the main jobs of an executor: 

  1. Initiating the probate.
  2. Locating all the assets in the deceased person’s assets.
  3. Notifying the creditors and heirs.
  4. Administering the estate. 
  5. Paying the debts, including funeral expenses and taxes. 
  6. Distributing remaining funds and assets to the heirs.
  7. Closing the estate. 

Can you appoint more than one executor? If yes, then what is the procedure?

Yes, it is certainly possible to appoint more than one executor. The process is as simple as appointing the first one. You just need to provide each person’s information in the Will. Doing so will prove that they have the right to initiate and handle the probate. 

What are the benefits of appointing multiple executors?

Here are some benefits of appointing multiple executors: 

  • The process of serving as an executor might be difficult for a single person, perhaps an elderly spouse. In such cases, appointing a co-executor can help them. 
  • Suppose you want to appoint someone who is not tech-savvy, but you own digital assets. Then, it will become complex or maybe even impossible for the executor to handle the probate. You can appoint another person who is tech-savvy to accompany them during the process. 

Are there any drawbacks?

One drawback of appointing multiple executors is that not all of them may agree with each other. For probate to be smooth and get over quickly, all of them should act in unison. All decisions should be taken collectively, and the documents must have the signatures of everyone. If even one person disagrees, it can create problems. 

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