What Affects the Value of Your Car Accident Claim in Philadelphia, PA?


If a car accident happens because of somebody else’s negligence, a victim prefers to pursue compensation from the negligent party for their injuries. But there are other things they can seek compensation for, including those that do not have a dollar value. If you are this victim, the damages you can recover depend on the severity of your injuries, the nature of your accident, and other factors. Philadelphia, PA car accident attorneys can help you in every step of the process no matter how far your case will go. Your attorney will determine the value of your case depending on some factors such as the following:

The Seriousness of the Injuries You Suffer

A serious or catastrophic injury requires extensive treatment, increasing your medical expenses. But apart from higher medical bills, the seriousness of your injury also impacts your claim’s value. Severe injuries may lead to long-term absences from work, inability to earn an income, and profound effects such as loss of consortium or increased pain and suffering. Some injuries are considered catastrophic because they might lead to permanent disabilities. 

How Much You Make Before the Accident

Your average earnings before you sustained an injury must be considered when seeking compensation through a personal injury claim. In Philadelphia, you can seek compensation for lost earning capacity and wage replacement. 

How Clear Liability Is

For you to achieve a successful outcome from your case, your injury lawyer should demonstrate that your injury was caused by another person’s negligence. Keep in mind that you can only secure compensation if you were not mainly responsible for the accident. Your attorney can help you understand the claims process and the way it changes your claims’ value. 

Although being partially liable for the accident can have negative effects on your claim, holding several parties liable for the car accident can have positive effects on your potential compensation. Usually, this means different sources of insurance that can provide you with the compensation you demand. 

Whether You Have Legal Representation

A personal injury lawyer can protect the value of your claim from tactics often employed by insurance adjusters who only cares about their company’s bottom line. Adjusters may take advantage of your inexperience and lack of knowledge about legal claims and claim valuation. They may offer a quick settlement before you can consult with an attorney or understand the true value of your claim. Another tactic they use is delaying their response to your claim, so it is pushed past the legal deadline. 

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