Motorcycle Accidents- Why Handling them Can be Difficult?


Statistics show that motorcycle accidents are more frequent than other accidents. If the accident occurs between the motorcyclist and the car, it is more likely that the motorcyclist receives injuries and vehicle damages. There are several reasons why these accidents are on the rise. One of them is the increase in the traffic on the road. Other drivers are not able to see a motorcycle coming from a different direction. In this case, you must contact the top-rated Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers since they have the expertise and skills to handle these cases. 

Motorcyclists receive more injuries 

Motorcycles are lighter vehicles and when a car hits a motorcycle, the impact is more on the motorcycle. The driver falls down on the road and receives injuries. Moreover, there is no mental shield protecting the motorcyclist as in the case of a car driver.  You may receive financial compensation if you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident. Some of the types of compensation include:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Loss of income
  • Pain, suffering, disability or disfigurement 
  • Property and vehicle damages

If you have lost someone you love in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to get compensated for burial, funeral and other charges.

Get a copy of the motorcycle crash

Depending on the state’s motorcycle accident laws, you should be able to file the case. If someone has been injured in a motorcycle accident, he should get a copy of the police report because the insurance company will require this document at the time of clearing the claim. If you are not in a state to call the police, you can ask the bystanders or your loved ones to do it on your behalf.

Every detail of the accident gets documented in a police report including the damages, drivers, contact details, injuries and witnesses. This report also gives a clear idea of who is at the fault at the time of the accident. That’s why, this report plays a vital role in getting you the compensation.

Your lawyer will need to look at the police report, medical reports, doctor’s notes, tests, scans and all the medical bills so that he can quote the right amount at the time of filing a claim. Moreover, the insurance company will also look at all of these factors before the claim is approved or denied.

A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer can simplify the case for you by following the state’s laws. 

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