The Legal Aspects of Recording Communication


Communication is one of the essential tools to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and sectors. It is used in all spheres of life: business, entertainment, sport, educational, social, economic, cultural, legal, or religious.

Such connection in our day-to-day lives became vital to solving many issues and achieving any set goals. It plays a crucial role in all our lives.

There are various forms of communication like spoken language, written language, multimedia, web, etc. We also come across several different forms of communication like television, radio, cinema, books, periodicals, etc.

Communication’s main aim is to convey a message to the receiver with the help of any one of the methods mentioned above. The message is told through voice, text, images, pictures, sounds, smell, taste, and touch. The receiver’s interpretation of the message that the sender has conveyed plays an equally important role.

Communication is mainly a two-way process wherein the sender usually comes into direct contact with the receiver while the receiver gets indirectly conversed with by the sender.

The main aim of communication is to solve many problems and achieve set goals. However, one should never forget that certain communication limitations hamper its effectiveness or reduce its importance in society.

One of the most important limitations is communication barriers. These barriers arise due to geographical boundaries, language, culture, social, and time constraints. The importance of communication can never be ruled out in any sphere of life as it helps to solve problems, spread ideas, lead towards a common goal, and bring forth solutions for all.

Nonetheless, when a sender’s motive is to mislead the receiver to steal, that is a different story.

With the newest technologies that remain arising in today’s era, many scammers are also taking advantage of it since there is no other way to scrutinize who you’re talking to in front of the screen. Thus, authorities withheld call archiving and even WeChat compliance to monitor any transactions made within these technologies.

Without further ado, TeleMessage has created and designed an infographic with all the legal aspects of recording communication:


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