Do’s And Don’ts After A Slip And Fall Accident. 

Mature Man Falling On Wet Floor In Front Of Caution Sign At Home

Wet surfaces, uneven floors, defective sidewalks, or torn carpeting there is a wide range of reasons that could lead to a slip and fall accident. These accidents often occur because of the negligence of premises owners who fail to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of premises. 

Victims can seek compensation for the damages that resulted from the slip and fall accident. They must consult an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Tehrani Law Group that can help them understand their state laws and guide them throughout the legal process. 

Here are some things you should and should not do after a slip and fall accident. 

  • Do seek medical care. 

Slip and fall accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, fractures, dislocated bones, and soft tissue injuries. Seeking prompt medical care can help diagnose and treat injuries effectively. It also ensures that slowly developing injuries are detected before they worsen. 

  • Do not wait too long. 

There is a strict deadline within which you can take your case to civil court after your slip and fall accident for compensation. In Manchester, it is three years. If you fail to take legal action during this time, you cannot seek compensation for your damages. Evidence that could be used to maximize your claim may also fade the longer you wait. 

  • Do gather evidence. 

Evidence is necessary to prove the breach of duty of care of the negligent party and the extent of your damages. Take pictures and videos of your surroundings and the cause of your fall. Identify witnesses and note down their contact information. File a report of the incident with the premises manager on-site or owner and ask for a copy. 

  • Do not give any statements. 

Any statements you give after the accident can be turned against you by the insurance company. Do not apologize and do not discuss the accident details with the premises owner. Limit your communication to filing the report. Do not post about the incident on social media. While speaking to the insurance claim adjuster, ensure that you have your lawyer on your side. 

After being in a slip and fall accident, you must make the right choices to ensure that you seek full and fair compensation for your damages. Your lawyer enables you to navigate the complex law. They help you take prompt legal action, collect evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and offer advice. 

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